The Wamego Public Library and the Kansas State Library are supporting the furthering of knowledge and education through Mango Online Languages services and Universal Classes.

Have you ever want to learn a second language? (or third or fourth?) The Kansas State Library System has made it easy for you. Mango Online Language services are available, free of charge, to all of Wamego Public Library’s patrons when you access Mango Languages through our website.

You will be asked to sign up with your email the first time you sign in to Mango. In the future you can access Mango through the links above.

Mango Languages is a leader in online language learning, and offers over 40 foreign languages and 16 English as Second Language (ESL) courses. The lessons are presented in a unique audio/visual framework, and are presented by actual native speakers.


Universal class

Universal Class offers over 500 different online courses. You can learn how to make candles, groom your pets, use Microsoft Excel, and start your own business. These services are now offered to Wamego Public Library patrons for free through the Kansas State Library. You can earn Continuing Eduction Unit credits (CEU) while learning at your own pace. Each class is taught by an instructor and gives you the opportunity to interact with your fellow classmates.

Go to the Universal Class website to create an account and log into your first class today.

You must have a state library card to be able to access Universal Class. If you do not already have one, stop by the front desk to sign up.