Mission and Goals


The Wamego Public Library enriches lives, promotes literacy, and builds community by bringing together people, information and ideas.

Code of Service

Library patrons of all ages will find easily accessible library materials in a clean, safe, organized environment staffed with courteous people.

All visitors, whether in person, on the phone or online, will be welcomed, graciously and impartially, without discrimination.

Prompt, helpful service to the public will take precedence over the library staff internal assignments and interpersonal communications.

All information shared with library patrons will be based on reliable, current resources, and delivered in an appropriate manner.

2015 Wamego Public Library Goals

Provide compelling collections that are convenient for patrons to access, browse, and enjoy.
1. Complete comprehensive inventory of all collections to assess best methods for organization, and access to quality materials.
2. Reorganize Young adult fiction collection into genre-based sections (ie- mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, and western),.
3. Assess all library collections to select best strategies for potentially restructuring additional library collections into genre sections.

Expand patrons access to and use of digital resources.
1. Seek and implement library funds to expand digital resources and eBooks available to patrons.

2. Encourage patron ownership and autonomy of digital library accounts, by providing supportive online and in-person education and resources for enhanced understanding and interaction.
3. Select funds to complete the Microfilm Digitization project.
4. Provide laptops, eReaders, or tablets for patrons to check-out and use in-house.

Supply creative and forward-thinking methods of implementing current technologies to improve and increase delivery of library services to the community.
1. Increase utilization of the mobile librarian for patron check-out and service engagement beyond the desk.

2. Implement charging/docking stations in the Reading Room to assist and encourage patron use of personal smart devices in the library.
3. Look into applicable methods for effective, affordable monitoring of patron wi-fi use in the library for assessment and improvement of current wi-fi accessibility and utilization statistics.
4. Continue seeking and working with notable guest speakers and authors willing to present via Skype or other available technology sources.
5. Install a TV in the Children’s Room to showcase upcoming children’s events, the Summer Reading Program and local sponsors, while providing a sense of relaxation and modern design to the Children’s area.

Establish the library as a local hub for comfort and relaxation in the community.
1. Work to establish the library as a third homeĀ in the community by assessing patron needs for increased comfort and convenience. Supply necessary furnishing to benefit patron relaxation, and effectively prepare for future additions and renovations.

2. Evaluate and implement best use of the Library BookSale. Work with Friends of the Library to establish a plan for sustainable use and sale of materials, to better utilize space and financial investment within that space.

Provide a variety of quality classes, workshops, and programs for all ages, while adapting content and structure to meet the needs of our community.
1. Continue to enhance the quality, sustainability, and efficiency of current library programs, classes, and workshops, while seeking and adapting new program ideas to engage untapped local populations based on library capacity, community needs, and library trends.

2. Provide interactive passive programs or creative spaces for children and teens, encouraging creativity and self-improvement for developing age groups.
3. Collaborate and share resources with external organizations for multiple programs, workshops, or classes beneficial to the library and community.

Continue Maintaining a high-quality Library Staff that is knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient; as well as a professional and active Board of Trustees.
1. Seek and encourage opportunities for training, networking, and professional development for all staff and board members. Encourage participation in chamber events, directors’ meetings, conferences, workshops, and other affordable opportunities.

2. Provide a staff development day focused on training, education, and team-building. Set for May 22nd.
3. Encourage all staff members to attend one board meeting per year to build relationships and understanding of board functionality.
4. Encourage all Board members to attend one staff meeting per year to build relationships and understanding of staff functionality.
5. Work with the City of Wamego to discuss potential improvements for staff working conditions and necessary benefits for secure employment.

Continue progress on library addition/expansion building project.
1. Work cooperatively with the City of Wamego.

2. Advocate anticipated changes and benefits to patrons, local organizations, and other potential sponsors to raise awareness and support.
3. Explore funding options through Friends of the Library, and other local, state, or national venues.