The Wamego Public Library enriches lives, promotes literacy, and builds community by bringing together people, information and ideas.

Code of Service

Library patrons of all ages will find easily accessible library materials in a clean, safe, organized environment staffed with courteous people.

All visitors, whether in person, on the phone or online, will be welcomed, graciously and impartially, without discrimination.

Prompt, helpful service to the public will take precedence over the library staff internal assignments and interpersonal communications.

All information shared with library patrons will be based on reliable, current resources, and delivered in an appropriate manner.


2017 Wamego Public Library Goals

1. Convert fluorescent lighting to LED lighting throughout the library.

2. Establish a young adult area within the library.

3. Improve library programs.

4. Prepare a new KDAHR grant application for digitization of unique local materials.

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