Discover Historic Kansas Newspapers Online

Discover Historic Kansas Newspapers Online

Kansas students, teachers, historians, and genealogists have access to a rich resource to learn about the state. Through public and private partnerships, the Kansas Historical Society’s newspaper collection, one of the best in the nation, is becoming available online.

Nearly 7 million pages of Kansas newspapers prior to 1923 are available online and searchable through a partnership between the Historical Society and Around 5 million more Kansas newspaper pages are being added this year. This partnership allows Kansans free access using drivers’ license verification. We also provide access to more recent titles, such as the Marysville Advocate and Bonner Springs Chieftain, through permission of the publisher. Find more information online.

Nearly 300,000 historic Kansas newspapers pages are available through a partnership with Chronicling America. These include 42 titles from 28 cities in Kansas. Find more information online.

Dating from the time of Kansas Territory, the Historical Society has a nearly comprehensive collection of newspapers from the state. These issues tell the story of Bleeding Kansas, settlement, government, and state and local history. The collection spans the state from large and small, dailies and weeklies, cities and towns, and specialty publications like those by African Americans, Civilian Conservation Corps, labor movements, populists, and socialists. Learn more about the Historical Society’s newspaper collection. The newspaper microfilm not yet digitized is available for public libraries to borrow through interlibrary loan.